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oops wrong blog i’m still dead on tumblr gomen

my cosplay tumblr is fattogami in case anyone missed my post about it before and is actually wondering where i went u_u

 quartum said: I’M MORE THAN EXCITED i’m constantly bouncing in anticipation!! i hope it’s good i want it to be good. also fine goes to get a drink

I HOPE IT’S GOOD TOO it’s like the only new anime i’m picking up besides savanna game because everything else is sequels that i don’t care about

yes good

 yanderemachiavelli said: who are you

idk who are you

 quartum said: i’m okay but i’m thirsty right now yet too lazy to remedy the problem how are u

pls go get a drink… i keep a million water bottles in my room so i don’t have to go downstairs every time i get thirsty it’s been very effective so far

i’m good!! uvu are you excited for the new ZKC anime

 u-jelly-fish said: hi I’m tumblr famous now it’s been a while how are you

what did you do this time

im me more gurl i’m awful at iming first and i keep thinking about what you’re up to since i don’t check tumblr ;_;

hello i have return to tumblr i made a cosplay blog ;_; i felt bad about posting so many cosplay things here when people who follow me might not care so go follow that one instead if you like seeing my cosplay shit

how is everywan



“JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~” (ジョジョ~その血の運命~) by Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga (富永TOMMY弘明)

Full length, high quality, etc. I bought it myself from iTunes.


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i have lost the ability to words but i

really hate men

lessons learned from this week

akito: u seem so attached to certain characters i want you to Enjoy them while they last
qnng: im thinking abuot that house with the grape sigil again
qnng: i wish i was
qnng: a bundle of grapes
akito: LMAO
akito: it's the
akito: fiercest sigil
qnng: yeah
qnng: maybe if it was
qnng: grapes on fire or smth
akito: grapes of wrath
qnng: LMFAO